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Your business doesn't just depend on your technology infrastructure - it's driven by it.

We've partnered with hundreds of companies to fuel efficiency and growth through well-managed computer, network, and software infrastructure.

Proudly based in the Twin Cities since 2000.

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Your success is our product.

Many technology companies want to lock you in to specific solutions in order to drive their revenue stream. That's not how we work. Your success is our success.

masterswitch IT works with you to understand your business and what it needs to thrive. It's your business, so we make sure that you stay in the driver's seat.

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Proven Value

We measure what we do so that you can be confident with the results.

Solutions Delivered

Flexible on-site and remote services means that you get what you need when you need it.

No Lock-In

We're vendor and platform neutral. Use what works for you - we'll make sure it runs as well as possible.

Trust Matters

We build on integrity and we succeed by putting your business first.

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